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Residential Carpet Cleaning

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Professional carpet cleaning done right will remove dirt and allergens from your carpet that you might not be able to see from the surface whilst taking care of those irritating stains and marks that just don’t ever seem to go away. A regular carpet clean is not only beneficial for carpet appearance, but it also helps to minimize wear and tear, prolong the life of your carpets, improve the cleanliness of your home and even improve your indoor air quality. Ultimately, clean carpets look better, feel softer and are healthier for you and your family which is why it is important to maintain and get involved in their upkeep on a regular basis!

Commercial carpet cleaning

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We use only the latest upper class equipment and techniques to completely clean and refresh your home or office carpets. We have selected environmentally friendly carpet cleaning products that we are well aware will deliver nothing other than top quality cleaning results every time. We also sponsor a full range of extras with our cleaning services which include industrial vacuum, deodorizing and advanced stain treatment all of which we feel are entirely necessary with regards to the professional steam carpet cleaning job as a whole.

End of lease cleaning

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It is your duty to leave your rental home or apartment clean and tidy before you plan to shift to some other house. Otherwise you will not be able to get your bond back from the owner as you will be violating the terms of the lease. If you are really in haste or you do not have time to clean your house prior leaving, End of Lease Cleaning is there to help you. Our bond cleaners are highly trained professionals who specialize in cleaning residential properties before or after the tenancy period.

Tile and Grout cleaning

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We understand and respect the fact that your tiles are probably one of the most expensive investments you have made in your property and that’s why any tile cleaners must do the tile cleaning job carefully and accurately. One of our biggest secrets is to take advantage and utilise the most effective steam and pressure cleaning equipment and tools available. This goes hand in hand with premium top quality tile cleaning compounds and detergents used.

Upholstery cleaning

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Upholstery or Furniture Cleaning in Melbourne is a definite requirement. Your furniture will always be one of your biggest and most valuable indoor investments. Upholstery is also generally made of fragile materials and it is therefore wise to choose a company you can trust to professionally do the upholstery cleaning and look after it through the duration of it’s lifespan. Having Upholstery cleaners pay you a visit on regular intervals will help to maintain your furniture fresh look and brighten the colours. By extracting all soils and removing those irritating spots and stains you also add that freshened scent to leave the material smelling lovely and healthy.

Rug cleaning

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Most rugs are suitable for steam cleaning as they are usually made in the same way as your carpets and from the same types of materials. A good idea to save time and money is getting the rugs and carpets cleaned at the same time. We’re able to offer you some of the most affordable carpet and rug cleaning rates in Melbourne, giving you excellent value for your money.

24/7 Flood restoration

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Take immediate action if your home or office building is threatened by water damage from leaks, hurricanes, torrential rains, a broken water pipe, washing machine over-flow a flood or a sewer backup. Quick action will reduce damage and save your valuable articles.
After we get an emergency call, we arrive at the your premises with high tech water removal equipment and drying equipments . On arrival, our qualified technicians at first inspect the areas affected by water using moisture meter and then starts the program of salvage and restoration. Excess water gets extracted using high-tech water extraction equipment.

Mattress cleaning

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We use modern equipment and technology including CHOICE magazine’s preferred method of steam injection carpet cleaning to remove stains, odours and any germs or bacteria hidden deep within the mattress fibres. We can guarantee a good night's sleep when your beddings are cleaned with our mattress cleaning services.
We also provide free deodourising and stain protection. At no extra cost, we will remove most stains and rinse with a neutralizer to stop the stains from re-appearing. If you are concerned about bed bugs, dust mites and other allergens, we can take care of removing these too. We leave your mattresses clean and free of allergens, making sure that you and your family enjoy a fresh and healthy sleeping environment.